Double leisure beach chair

Time:2015-07-16 17:06:35

The two-person leisure beach chair is suitable for the romantic two-person world. Whether it is eating or chilling, it is convenient and comfortable-easily create a pink memory.

The shape design of the double beach chair is beautiful and comfortable to use. Easy to use, simple and generous, and easy to enjoy the natural scenery on the beach. It is suitable for some leisure places such as camping and outdoor activities.

The double beach chair is disassembled and stacked. The front frame component and the rear frame component are movably connected to form a chair frame by a U-shaped clip. The seat plate variable tube component supporting the seat cushion is hinged with the rear frame component and fixed on both sides of the seat plate variable tube component One end of the connecting piece is movably connected with the elastic plastic seat installed at the corresponding position of the front frame assembly, and the beach chair can be folded; the lower tube body of the front frame assembly and the rear frame assembly are equipped with marbles, and the corresponding foot tube is Rows of adjustable holes can be connected to adjust the height of the beach chair. The folding structure of the beach chair is convenient for users, and is also beneficial for product packaging, transportation and storage.

Friends who like to walk on the beach and romance, what are you hesitant about? How many warm and romantic memories can this product bring to you in the summer.