Swing chair purchase instructions, not being guided by the shopping guide

Time:2020-07-13 14:59:00

What is a swing chair? I believe that when you see the word "swing", everyone will understand the function of this chair, and the interesting picture of the swing chair may appear in front of you. The swing is the playmate of the child's childhood. On the swinging swing, it seems that you can spend the colorful and dreamy childhood, and then swing to the most beautiful dream country. Such a beautiful object, every family should want to have. Now we will introduce the purchase instructions of swing chair.

1. Material of swing chair

1. Steel swing chair: Because steel has higher hardness, the steel swing has a more beautiful shape than other swings. It is often designed as exquisite wrought iron lace and elegant flower baskets, these are European-style romantic swing chairs. Connect the swing seat to the swing frame with a buckle iron chain, which can adjust the length according to the individual's height, thereby adjusting the height of the swing chair. Apply anti-rust paint on the surface of the swing, and it can also be waterproof.

2. Wooden swing chair: Because the wooden swing chair swings, the wood will make a "creaky" sound, so it is not suitable for indoors. However, swing seats are usually tied to wooden frames with chemical fiber ropes, not made of metal or wood, so the friction between the ropes and wooden frames is not loud, and some families still place them in indoor.

3. Rattan swing chair: The rattan swing chair made by hand is light in weight, and does not worry about the pollution of paint, and it has almost no harm to the human body. However, this kind of swing chair is not suitable for outdoor, because there is no protection of paint, it can not prevent rain.

2. Buy back the swing chair, you still need to maintain it, if you do not do good maintenance, it will be dangerous to use.

1. Need to focus on maintaining the two connection points that the sling contacts. These two positions are the most frequent movements. If there is wear and tear, and they do not find it, they are prone to danger. Therefore, it should be regularly inspected and repaired.

2. Always clean the swing chair. Rattan swing chairs should be cleaned frequently, and some that cannot be cleaned can be painted for maintenance. The metal part can be vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner, and then wiped with a dry cloth.

Before buying a swing chair, it is necessary for consumers to understand the relevant knowledge, so that it is not easy to be led by others when buying. The above is the purchase instructions of the swing chair, hoping to help users in need.