Happy beach tourist

Time:2015-07-16 17:02:48

Woke up early, but still did not see the sunrise. Very long coastline, white beaches, soft beach chairs, and most importantly, very few people! When you look around, you can't see the edge. There are no more than 10 people on the beach. The sea water is blue, and the white-headed waves are one by one. So happy, we changed our swimsuits in the car and jumped directly into the sea. The whole beach is ours. Anyway, there is still time later, let's talk about it. The coastline of the bay is not long, the waves are not big, like a huge swimming pool, the sand is hard because of the rain. After dragging her daughter off the bed and eating breakfast, it was too early to leave. We walked to the beach chairs and swimming pool at the back of the hotel.

The boat went back and forth and then the guests went to the sea center to have dinner. It was fun. I had wanted to go fishing in the sea, but I could not reach the boatman. There was no way but to give up. The water in Shuangyue Bay is obviously more beautiful than Xunliao Bay, but the sand is very coarse. Since there was no place to change clothes, we did not go to sea. After basking in the sun for a while, I drove to the famous Tanah Lot Temple, an hour’s drive, and took a nap. The car had taken us to the gate of Tanah Lot Temple, a stall along the way. , Just came forward and found out that a Shuo bat was hanging upside down on the pole at the entrance of the small shop. It’s strange that there is no rope at all, and it doesn’t fly away. People’s cameras are as big as a hen. It is estimated that this shop is also a way to solicit business. It was even more unfortunate that it was pouring downpour, which made us a group of people who wanted to feel the sun and the beach. We all sighed along the way. When I came to the beach, the rain was much smaller

The world under the sea is still different. It’s very beautiful. If you don’t go down, you can’t experience a stone steer up and down. The sea has appeared in front of us, and the surging sounds of the sea are flooding your ears. He reminded the tour guide repeatedly that he could only look at it from a distance. He pointed his finger to the high cliff in the distance and said that it was the Temple of Poseidon, but he could not go up. There was an isolated island when the sea was high. Listening to our team has been scattered to the edge of the cliff, the waves are coming up one after another, the screams are coming one after another, the screams are one after another, the photography is waiting for the next bigger wave, but they are still very careful and go out , Safety is first. The children's clothes were all wet by the waves, but they were all excited. (Friendly reminder: you must prepare a set of clothes to go to Tanah Lot, because you can’t help greet the waves!) Many people lined up at the mouth of the cave under the mountain corner to wait for the spring water, saying it was holy water, My daughter and I also squeezed forward, and put it on our faces with both hands, and it was cool, and then someone sprinkled rice grains with holy water on your forehead and put a flower on the ear, wishing you good luck.

Still look at the scenery on the sea, the sunset has been slanting, and the golden light is falling on the surface of the sea, so that I can’t open my eyes. On the way back, we bought coconut, which is very clear and delicious. It is cheaper than buying local cans. Drinks are much cheaper. We started the water project by car to Nanwan. At our own expense, we picked the most challenging and the most stimulating deep diving project with a price of USD 65 per person. Later, I felt that I was slaughtered, but it was difficult to get out and play once. It was so decided. . Listen to the coach explain all the important terms after launching and all kinds of gestures under the water. After the practice, complete all the equipment and officially launch. My daughter can swim. She is the first to take it, one by one, and the last is myself. I adjust my breathing, calm down and feel good. I hold the coach tightly and go into the water. The strong buoyancy of the sea water makes the body very light, and I slowly feel that I am not nervous and relaxed. It feels like floating in space. I took the bread in the hands of the coach and started feeding the fish. The players were not far away. In the various poses, the fish quickly gathered together, and there were local people specializing in diving photography in the sea, shooting wildly against us. Two hours seemed to pass quickly. After landing, there was our underwater DV, but we didn't want it, because we were wearing diving suits and we didn't know who was who. Then I boarded a glass-bottom boat and headed to Turtle Island. I had seen the fish on the bottom of the sea when I was diving, so I didn’t want to watch it anymore. There are already tourists making noise on the island. They are taking pictures with animals. There are big chameleons, pythons, big turtles, and big birds that I don’t know. They seem to be trained to match the photography of the tourists. The daughter is very courageous. I took pictures with them one by one. I haven't been in such close contact with these big animals in Shanghai. I can't help but hold a big turtle, which is too heavy

For dinner, our party came to Jimbaran Beach, and our seafood dinner came to us soon. We had a large plate of everyone, including shrimp, crab, fish, and clams, all of which were my favorites. It made us salivate, and we haven't had time to wipe our hands completely. We have picked up the plate of shrimps, crabs and crabs, and it has become our delicacy, so satisfying. After a simple game, I drove to a farm restaurant, which seemed to be something foreign, and I forgot. The taste is not so different, expensive. Due to the sudden change of itinerary, the place to stay has not been booked for a while. And found a newly completed hotel, 1 Kazakhstan. You know, it’s really hard to find such a cheap weekend by the sea. It is estimated that we need 4 rooms, and it rains again, and the business is not good, so we will give it to us.

Came to the beach and the rain has completely stopped. There was no sun at all, sun protection was saved, and I immediately changed my swimsuit and jumped into the sea. Haha, the sea, we finally came. Xunliao Bay has now been enclosed, and the free beach is only a small piece, so we sneaked into the Xunliao Bay fee-based beach, saving a ticket.

After taking a shower in the hotel, I went to find a place to solve the dinner. Since the lunch was too extravagant, we ate dinner very monotonously. After eating, we walked to the nearby beach, where there are many fish steaks, there are people on the beach setting up tents, barbecues, so lively. We walked slowly along the coastline. At this time, the moon couldn't help showing his face to us. We caught a hermit crab on the beach with a flashlight. We also found sea urchins, and finally caught everything back to the sea.

The next morning, he left the room and went straight to Pinghai. The sun is now shining, and the weather is better the further south. Finally rushed out of the dark clouds, long live, straight to Shuangyue Bay. At noon, we found a Jingbin hotel to solve the lunch. The owner was very real, the amount of things was sufficient, and the price was clear. Later, I borrowed a knife to eat watermelon for us. Returning at 2:30 in the afternoon, it started to rain all along again. Back home, ended a pleasant trip to Huidong.