Try to protect the beach chair like this

Time:2015-07-16 17:01:06

Public facilities in the city, such as fitness equipment in small parks, garbage bins on the roadside, and beach chairs at the beach, apart from being scrapped due to normal use, there are many people who are not surnamed “public” because they are not “private”. Love, and even some will be destroyed. In addition to the urgent need to improve the quality of citizens, how to improve the management and maintenance of Jinshawan Bathing Area in the later period? How do beach baths in other cities do, and what experiences can they learn from us?

Law enforcement department assists in patrolling and punishing acts that damage public property

    Foreign tourist Mr. Yang was very sorry to hear that the beach chairs at the beach in Jinsha Bay were frequently damaged. He suggested that, on the one hand, the management of the beach should increase publicity and protection, and send more people to patrol when there are more people on holidays or at night. Once it is found that someone has damaged the beach chair, it should be promptly educated and discouraged. In addition, Mr. Yang also suggested that the public security department should send police officers to assist in the inspection of the problem that the bathing authority does not have the law enforcement power, punish those who damage public property according to law, and use the power of the law enforcement department to correct this unhealthy trend.

    Some citizens also suggested that they could imitate the traffic police department's approach to "Chinese style crossing the road"-citizens who were arrested by public security police at the scene and destroyed public property need to publicize slogans or fine him to repair the beach chair before they can walk. Wait.

    Changing one person to others is a way for everyone. Paid service may be the way out

    "If more management staff is added, will the damage rate of beach chairs be reduced to a certain extent?" Facing the reporter's question, Ye Yaohua shook his head: "Adding staff may be able to improve this situation to a certain extent, but this is not a permanent solution. The bath is so big, there are so many people who go to the beach for leisure and entertainment every night, and the management by staff alone cannot achieve the desired results." Just like the sanitation work in the urban area, if there is a phenomenon of "one person sweeps away ten thousand people," Even if more sanitation workers are added, it is difficult to keep the sanitation of the urban area clean and tidy.

    "We also feel very sad to see the public facilities damaged, but at present the beach bathing areas still lack a sound civic supervision mechanism. Many citizens see the sabotage and hold the attitude of "it is not about themselves to hang high". Can be stopped in time." Mr. Wang, a citizen, suggested that in addition to the management side strengthening education and enhancing the public’s social ethics and legal concept, relevant departments should also open a report phone and establish reward and punishment measures-report to give rewards, damage to the punishment, let every Individuals have become supervisors of bathing beaches.

    It is reported that the beach chairs of beaches in Sanya, Beihai and other places are subject to a lease system-citizens have to pay a fee to rent beach chairs and umbrellas at the beaches. Under the constraints of paid services, the damage of beach chairs is greatly reduced. "Zhanjiang can follow the practices of these cities and collect certain deposits and rents." Mr. Luo, a citizen, suggested, "Of course, rents are only collected symbolically, not for profit. The early stage can be used to restrict citizens' behavior through paid services, etc. After the citizens develop good habits, they will be able to provide free chairs for their leisure use in the future."